This film can be experienced via mobile phone, Google Box or standalone VR headsets. Use headphones for the best audio quality. Ensure the resolution settings are 360 and 4K for best quality viewing.

The Invisibles

My home is nestled between Katoomba and Leura. I was inspired (like many) during the lockdown period to find new walks in the Blue Mountains national park, that I could do literally by placing my foot beyond the doorstep. I also wanted the experience of regularly repeating walking routes, until they were so familiar that my home space had the possibility of extending into the forest. I attempted to search with my body, the energy and form of the images I had for The Invisibles, on the sandstone rock landscapes, amidst the eucalypts, ferns and black cockatoos. This experience has added a layer of intimacy in my connection to the country of the Gundangurra and Darug people, in which my family and I live on.

WeiZen Ho 2020