This film can be experienced via mobile phone, Google Box or standalone VR headsets. Use headphones for the best audio quality. Ensure the resolution settings are 360 and 4K for best quality viewing.


Lau manu is a digital fresco of a prophetic vision; when the wounded sky and sea swallowed one another and only the fragile essence of a being remained.  In the not-so-distant gaze into the horizon they work and perform customs from the old world seeking the survival of the ancient song birds for future assurance of the continent. The unforeseeable healing is at an unprecedented stand still.  

Lau manu means birds, plural in my indigenous language of Tongan. In this work I want to poetically identify the power of birds in Oceania as spiritual and visceral guides in the anthropogenic ecocide. 

This project was supported by

Australia Council for the Arts – Resilience Grant.

Create NSW – Arts Rescue & Restart funding

Blacktown Arts