This film can be experienced via mobile phone, Google Box or standalone VR headsets. Use headphones for the best audio quality. Ensure the resolution settings are 360 and 4K for best quality viewing.

All of a flutter

When presented with the opportunity to create 360 degree video I thought of a circular tower of paper, so I would be surrounded on all sides. The reference is to Borges’ “The Tower of Babel.”

Inspired by artists Boris Nieslony, Mike Parr and  Richard Serra, I have made several performances in which I use reams of either black or white A4 paper.

In this video the paper does not represent the life of an office worker or administrator, but rather the more Kafkaesque image of a man overwhelmed both by paper’s materiality and by its implications: responsibility, authority, obligations, and the impossibility of a truly blank page.

Allan Schacher 2020