This film can be experienced via mobile phone, Google Box or standalone VR headsets. Use headphones for the best audio quality. Ensure the resolution settings are 360 and 4K for best quality viewing.


This 360 VR work was made by Kantanka in 2019/20 as part of a Creative Development of new VR works, supported by Create NSW (through the 360 Vision fund). ‘Garden’ was created in collaboration with artists from the Greek diaspora living in Sydney, Australia.

Immersing its audience in the garden, this film experience explores the themes of migration, adaptation, cultural memory and the power of family history.

Director: Carlos Gomes
Video Artist: Sam James
Sound Composer: Gail Priest
Narrator: Arky Michael
Writer: Lina Kastoumis
Garden Design: Katia Molino
Stop Motion Animation: Carlos Gomes

Supported by Create NSW and Blacktown Arts Centre.