Feel like you’re alone in the universe? Anxious about the future? Witness Kantanka’s exploration of the limits of the Cosmos! A Star-studded, all singing, all dancing cosmological spectacle…with cosmic cocktails.

Kantanka’s Clubsingularity brings together a lonely-hearts club and a cosmology group as they explore questions of the cosmos and the universe – all within a contemporary cabaret setting featuring original song and dance. For director Carlos Gomes, performance art offers both artists and audiences something out of the ordinary. “It challenges the performer and the viewer, in exploring new concepts…., seeing things in new ways,” he says. “With performance, there is always surprise. The universe is like this; it’s unpredictable and dangerous and that’s what I wanted to capture in the show”.

Director:  Carlos Gomes
Katia Molino
Arky Michael
Valery Berry
Kym Vercoe
Phillip Mills
Chris Murphy
Music Composer: Paul Prestipino

“Risk-taking…brave authenticity…humorous but also affecting.”