Bargain Garden

in collaboration with Ensemble Offspring

This performance installation, Bargain Garden, seeks to examine the urge we all share “to have it all', and to explore how we use "stuff" to present our identities. We wanted to investigate the process by which objects transform us into fashion icons, experts, gods and goddesses, equipped for any eventuality. All this, despite the high environmental price. We examined the techniques of marketing and product-promotion in this consumer's paradise, and reflected upon why we respond to these techniques, and at what cost.

Bargain Garden fuses performance, life music, kinetic sculpture and multimedia installation.

"An amazing, extraordinary, thought-provoking piece" 

"Bargain Garden trades in sly textual and visual wit. It is weirdly joyous and unexpectedly inspiring."

Direction/Original Concept: Carlos Gomes
Katia Molino
Rodney Nash
Justin Shoulder
Kym Vercoe
Carlos Gomes
Mirabelle Wouters
Teik-Kim Pok
Claire Edwardes
Jason Noble
Musical Director: Damien Ricketson
Sound Engineer: Bob Scott
Text: Katia Molino, Carlos Gomes
Video/Photography: Heidrun Lohr 
Video Programming: Nick Wishart
Video Documentation/Editing: Martin Fox
Lighting Design: Mirabelle Wouters
Lighting Operator: Clytie Smith
Production Manager/AV operator: Emma Lockhart-Wilson

Supported by Australia Council for the Arts, Create NSW, Performance Space and Bundanon Trust.